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A Good Conversation Can Change the World

October 13, 2013


The best ideas come from great conversations, and the most inspiring conversations I’ve ever had were held at a dinner table. So it stands to reason that if you need so solve a problem with fresh thinking then getting people to sit around the dinner table for food and conversation is a great place to start.

There are lots of challenges facing our local food systems and we can all help make a difference by working together to build solutions. We’ve been so inspired to see people changing their food system for the better  that we wanted to facilitate more of the same. So let’s grab some Sharpies, cook up some homemade meals, and get the conversation started by answering one simple question:

How might we improve access to locally grown food?

We’ve kept this question open ended with the hope that it will inspire a few oddball ideas. However, we also know that constraints fuel creativity so we’ve narrowed the choices down to 4 big problems that local food needs to solve, and we’re confident that each has a multitude of unique solutions.

  1. Distribution

  2. Marketing

  3. Data Management

  4. Education

To nudge you along we’ve created a Garden Party Guide, with the help of Ms. Melanie Kahl, to get started. And if you’re looking for even more ideas then checkout this article from our friends at Greater Good Studio!


Share your ideas, insights, and solutions throughout the party on Twitter (@everylastmorsel), and if 140 characters isn’t enough (and we hope it’s not!) then share them on Quora:

Getting your friends together to change the world is one hell of an excuse to throw a party!

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